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Why innovationSCAN?

Creating the business of tomorrow, today
To paraphrase Peter Drucker, ‘the business of today is far too urgent to be concerned with the business of tomorrow; but creating the business of tomorrow is far too important to be diluted by the tasks of today’. So how can leaders balance these needs effectively?

The InnovSCAN™ powered by SenseMaker® quickly provides insights into how geared up your organisation is for innovation today and what you can do about it.

Introducing the InnovSCAN™
The InnovSCAN™ powered by SenseMaker® draws on one of the most widely respected models of developing innovation in organisations – the ‘Innovation Value Chain’ (Hansen & Birkinshaw). And also draws on cutting edge thinking from Dave Snowden: the ‘three necessary pre-requisites for innovation to occur’ and ‘exaptive thinking’.

Innovation Value Chain:
An organisation’s ability to innovate is only as strong as the weakest link in its value chain: idea generation, conversion and diffusion. Attempts to ‘generate’ more ideas, for example, clog up the value chain if ‘idea conversion’ remains a weak link.

InnovSCAN™ reveals clearly where the bottlenecks are in your Innovation Value Chain.

Requisite Pre-conditions:
The three necessary, but insufficient, pre-conditions for innovation to occur are:

  1. Pressure – forcing organisations to engage and challenge the status quo
  2. Starvation of a familiar resource – forcing people to try new things
  3. Perspective shifts – forcing open the system to new ideas and influences

InnovSCAN™ explores these pre-conditions in the context of your organisation and its environment.

The ultimate thrust of the InnovSCAN™ powered by SenseMaker® approach: identifying emerging needs, uncovering inherent capabilities and making radically new connections.

The InnovSCAN™ powered by SenseMaker® quickly reveals the reality of your organisation’s innovation capacity and highlights areas for immediate exploration.

What do you get?
We are currently offering InnovSCAN™ at a discounted price, as it is one of our first Partner SCANs to be released. What you get for this is:

  • One month of collecting signified micro-narratives via website and apps.  There is no limit to how many you can capture – you drive the capture process.
  • Unlimited copies of the SenseMaker® Collector apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices for people to collect material.  The apps allow people to collect audio, text and picture data into the framework.
  • Website for online narrative collection.  (The website only collects text data – pictures and audio are not available via this route.)
  • A standard output report of the collected material produced by us – including some explanation/interpretation of what the patterns of narrative mean.
  • Free copy of the SenseMaker® Patterns for iPad software with which to explore the data.
  • Access to data exports via a project user ID and SenseMaker® Data Export web page – CSV and SMS file types are accessible for use with SenseMaker® Explorer or third-party software tools.
  • The ability to customise by adding your logo, introductory text and ONE multi-choice question.
  • The possibility of setting the system up in a language other than English (this can be arranged by contacting us).


We’re working hard to launch the new SCANs experience, please leave your email address if you’d like to be updated when it launches.