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Why cultureSCAN?

For a limited period, Cognitive Edge is offering a chance to explore organisations’ cultures at a substantial discount – as part of the roll-out of our new website and branding.

Culture – the most complex issue of all
Culture is a crucial part of most organisations’ success or failure – yet, given its complexity, is also one of the most difficult things to influence. The organisational culture, people’s behaviour and the narratives they share when they meet are all interwoven – co-evolving together.   Looking to understand the overall system and see which levers to pull is a futile – and mistaken – pursuit.

Instead anyone tasked with changing a culture must work to understand the narratives – the stories and fragments of meaning – that are exchanged each day in the many interactions that happen at the coffee machine, in the corridor and in meetings. Change then becomes a matter of amplifying the narratives that lead in the desired direction, dampening the ones that draw people away – and looking for opportunities to improve and innovate along that path.

Cognitive Edge’s cultureSCAN is a unique opportunity – a pre-configured tool for online and smartphone users to gather organisational narratives and understand the culture as it stands.

  • For change consultants, it offers a baseline of narrative culture – along with the potential for monitoring future culture shifts.
  • For facilitators, it offers the chance to gather more narrative material ahead of workshop-based methods.

cultureSCAN is a culture-specific set of signifiers allowing users to signify audio/text/pictures quickly and easily (audio and pictures available only on iOS and Android apps).  It uses SenseMaker® – the only software licensed to use Cognitive Edge’s patented signification methods – meaning that organisations have the objectivity and scalability of quantitative data, supported with the insight and richness of qualitative micro-narrative material.

So it is easy to see – and prove – where the organisation is today, as well as delving deeper to understand why – and where it can be taken tomorrow.

Benefits of cultureSCAN
Influence organisational culture in authentic, effective, practical ways

  • Gain deep understanding of where the organisation is today – and what stories/events are at its heart
  • Engage everyone in what it means to work in the organisation and what tomorrow might be
  • Avoid the traditional (but perpetually disappointing) mission statement/values approach to organisation culture
  • Set clear direction and constraints for all, but empowering people to develop their own paths according to their specific roles and context
  • Speed up the process of understand-implement-monitor-adapt to generate greater cultural momentum
  • Monitor culture change in an unbiased way, in real-time, with early signs of opportunities and risks

What do you get?

We are currently offering cultureSCAN at a fixed monthly price of USD950. What you get for this is:

  • One month of collecting signified micro-narratives via website and apps.  There is no limit to how many you can capture – but you drive the capture process.
  • Unlimited downloads of the SenseMaker® Collector apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices for people to collect material.  The app allow people to collect audio, text and picture data into the framework.
  • Website for online narrative collection.  The website only collects text data – pictures and audio are not available via this route.
  • A standard output report of the collected material produced by us – including some explanation/interpretation of what the patterns of narrative mean.
  • Free download of the SenseMaker® Patterns for iPad software with which to explore the data
  • Access to data exports via a project user ID and SenseMaker® Data Export web page – CSV and SMS file types are accessible for use with SenseMaker® Explorer or third-party software tools.
  • Should you need a setup in a language other than English, that can be arranged by contacting us.
  • The ability to customise by adding your logo, introductory text and ONE multi-choice question.


We also offer add-ons in the form of consultancy support:

  • One-to-one Skype calls for USD99 per 2 hours, with a CE or network consultant of your choice.
  • To help you interpret the patterns in your data, we are launching one-day workshops in the second half of 2016 which will be scheduled on an ongoing basis. An interactive workbook of your data will be included as part of the workshop, which goes at USD495 per head. Teams of two get to attend for USD799; for three or more please get in touch for a further discounted rate.

We’re working hard to launch the new SCANs experience, please leave your email address if you’d like to be updated when it launches.